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Soriano Motori is celebrating its 120 year old legacy by defying tradition. From our state-of-the-art line of electric motorcycles to our engaging metaverse, Soriano Motori is embarking on a dynamic and exciting future. With this trajectory in mind, we proudly introduce the Rebellious Collection. Our spring line is an invitation to explore. We collaborated with Italian artisans to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

The vision behind our collection is the revolutionary nature that Soriano Motori embodies. We continue to push the envelope with our use of colors, cuts, and fabrics focusing on organic, natural, and eco-sustainability. For our head-to-toe designs, we used a variety of techniques including spray painting and hand painting with natural vegetable dyes to deliver a unique style. The curves of our own limited edition Giaguro motorcycle provided the inspiration for our new line. Our men’s and women’s collections deliver the perfect look for any adventure and will appeal to the rebellious heart in each of us.

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