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Art in Motion is the quintessential Soriano Motori experience. Our present, influenced by a storied past, sets the groundwork as we look forward to an ever-evolving dynamic future with talented artists.

The Soriano brand has always been at the forefront of art, design, engineering, and motion be it by working with icons of the artworld like Salvador Dalí or a continuing history of technological innovation in Europe and the Americas.  Our lifestyle brand marries modern design in the United States, where the firm is based, with classic styles of the cradle of the Renaissance Italy.  This juxtapose of inspirations allow for a unique experience with a solid grounding in the past and a realistic yet visionary outlook for the future.

Over the past century, a unique style and visual language surrounding motorcycle culture has been developing and evolving. This language has been constantly influencing art, music, fashion, film, and now the metaverse in Mondo Soriano.

The art, ingrained deep in the process and in the various aspects of the Soriano lifestyle and products, makes it our unique dynamism & world vision. Our own “Motorcycle Culture,” influenced by our own innovative Electric Motorcycle designed and handcrafted in Italy, permeates every aspect of the design and product process.  This inspiration led to our unique line of motorcycles and lifestyle-wear with jackets and apparel that reflect the connection between art, design, and style.  Our collaboration with unconventional artists and their work “live” on the product closing this inspiring circle making Soriano’s Art in Motion not only a description of the phenomenon but also a true testament to the innovation and vision of the founder Marco Antonio Soriano IV.

Daniel Belardinelli is an artist associated with “outsider art”: bold, brash & in your face. Aside from being a painter he is a writer, curator and an attorney mainly interested in environmental impact.

He grew up frequenting and being influenced and inspired by the Factory, Andy Warhol, Larry Rivers, Christopher Makos and Antonio Lopez. His works are collected and shown around the world.

These artists are the pioneers of this emerging movement.

The Soriano lifestyle brand emphasizes dynamism, elegance, speed, technology in a Renaissance spirit and a futuristic approach in a world where art, technology, virtual reality, metaverse, and crypto all come together in an inventive form, never still, always evolving.

Ryan Roadkill is an artist hailing from the north east of England. Fuelled by punk rock and black coffee, Roadkill explores
the fragility of subcultures in a fast paced modern world and the gradual erosion of rebellion in a climate of
constant surveillance. Often portrayed through anti hero characters and the theme of speed, his work
weaves turbulently through the pitfalls of anxious pop culture… at 100mph .


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