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The leather jacket is a timeless, classic wardrobe staple fashion lovers have used for decades. It has undergone many changes over its history, but the essentials of what makes a typical leather jacket have mostly stayed the same. From its luxurious material to the tell-tale signs of quality that help you determine if it’s authentic, learn how to identify true luxury leather jackets in this article.

What is Luxurious Leather?

Luxurious leather is a type of leather that has been treated to look and feel more luxurious. It is often used in high-end products, such as luxury car seats, furniture, clothing, and accessories. Luxurious leather is usually softer and more supple than other types of leather due to the extra care that goes into its production. It may also have a richer color and deeper grain pattern.

What Qualifies Leather Jackets as High-quality?

Regarding leather jackets, certain characteristics always signify a high-quality, expensive piece. Here are some signs to look out for when trying to spot a luxury leather jacket:

Smooth and Luxurious to the Touch

High-quality leather jackets ought to have the feel of leather. The surface should glide smoothly across your hands without crunching or bunching up. This feature is absent in low-quality leather jackets. Instead of a smooth surface, they have a slightly rough texture that makes a “crunch” noise when rubbed.

Leather is the Only Material

When shopping for luxury jackets, look at the tags to see what materials are used. Some jackets are made of leather and other materials, such as polyester. Companies frequently include these extra materials to reduce production costs. If you buy a leather jacket, make sure the tag says it’s made of only leather.

Luxury Leather Jackets are Full-Grain

Leather is classified into three types: full grain, top grain, and corrected grain. The corrected-grain has been buffed and sanded to remove imperfections, resulting in a flat and dull appearance. Top-grain leather has fewer imperfections but a somewhat plastic-like appearance due to the removal of a split layer from the top layer. Full-grain leather, on the other hand, is the highest quality. Full-grain leather is distinguished by its natural, undamaged state. Compared to top grain and corrected grain, it’s usually a softer and higher quality type of leather that hasn’t been sanded or buffed.

Comfortable to Wear

How does the leather jacket feel when you wear it? The softness is yet another indication of its superiority. A good leather jacket should be supple and comfortable, whereas a bad leather jacket should be rough and rugged. This is because high-quality leather jackets are made from premium full-grain leather. On the other hand, low-quality jackets are made of cheap top-grain or corrected-grained leather.

What are the Different Types of Luxury Leather Men’s Jackets?

There are many different styles of leather jackets for men. These include: 

Bomber jacket – This is perfect for those who want stylish and practical outerwear. Bomber jackets are made from cowhide or other thick leather and usually have a fur or sheepskin lining for extra warmth.

Biker jacket – This is ideal for those who want tough and durable outerwear. Biker jackets are typically made from buffalo or other strong hide leathers and often have multiple zippers and pockets for storing belongings.

Dress jacket – Consider this style if you’re looking for something more formal. Dress jackets are usually made from softer lambskin or kidskin leather and often have intricate stitching or embroidery.

Trench coat – if you need warm and waterproof outerwear, consider a trench coat as a luxury leather men’s jacket. Trench coats often have a fur-lined collar for extra warmth.A luxury leather jacket is a great investment for anyone who wants to add a touch of elegance and style to their wardrobe. At Soriano Fashion, we take luxury leather jackets for men up a notch by adding edge and artistic flair. With so many different styles, colors, and textures to choose from, there’s sure to be a leather jacket that’s perfect for you. Explore our collection today!

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